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Poppy canvas prints, framed wall art & posters

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Poppies are beautiful iconic flowers that make a perfect subject for a stunning Poppy canvas print. With over 140 different species poppies are used both for food, decoration as well as holding strong symbolism.

Mythology has seen the flower as a symbol of resurrection and sleep and the red poppy is used in wartime remembrance in many countries. Each year hundreds of thousands of poppies are sold by the Royal British Legion charity to aid both retired and current serving members of the armed forces. This years appeal raised 36 million for those injured in the conflict in Afghanistan. The flower was originally chosen for this charity role as it grew wild on the fields in France during the First World War and came to symbolise the struggled faced by so many during that time.

Really classed as a weed the flower can be easily grown in most soils, locations and temperatures. Popular varieties include the oriental poppy and the field poppy which is the deep red colour that most people associate with the plant.

The seeds of the flower can be harvested and once dried are used as decoration for breads and within cakes as well as being crushed to form poppyseed oil. Various cultures have used this ingredient as a thickener or paste while cooking and it can often be found as part of a desert.

Poppyseed oil is also used as a medium when oil painting wall art. It can thicken the oil paints and helps bind and thin them whilst the artist works.

With a wide variety of beautiful photos to choose from we are sure that you will find the perfect image for your Poppy canvas. Our vivid colour printing range will show off the deep reds to make a fantastic piece of art.