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What is canvas art?

Our canvas art prints bring together the best stock photographers with high end art printing methods. We hold thousands of beautiful photos ranging in subject matter from flowers to elephants. Any of these photos can be printed directly onto artist canvas and stretched over a wooden frame so they arrive with you ready to hang.

Each order is hand prepared, printed and stretched using only the very best materials. We also know that people have tight deadlines so we despatch all canvases within 24 hours of receiving your order (Mon-Fri only). That means most people in the UK will receive their canvas within 48 hours of ordering!

canvas art of beach housesCanvas art provides a unique way to enlarge and showcase photography. Our sizes start at 12inches x 12inches (approx 30cm square) and go up to a wall filling 40inch x 60inch canvas print (approx 100cm x 150cm). Prices start at just £21.99.


Lots of people sell canvas art so why choose us?

Apart from our unique image range we always put quality first. Canvas prints are a bit like decorating your house. If you donít do the right preparations or use the right materials the finish wonít be great and cracks will start to show over the years.

canvas art of beach houses
We use the best materials available and donít skimp on quality to provide canvas art that looks great and will last a lifetime.Hereís how we do it:

1) We use 3 Epson 9800 printers to print your canvas art. It gets a bit technical but each printer has 8 ink colours which ensures that your print is spot on colour wise whilst we print each design at 1440dpi which makes for sharp detailed images.

2) All of our canvases are finished with a Satin Matte top coat.
Canvas prints must be laminated to protect them from scuffing, increase their UV resistance (makes sure they donít fade) and make them cleanable with a damp cloth. We donít charge extra of this as we see it as a necessity.

3) We use traditional methods of framing.
All our stretcher bars come from sustainable sources and slot together without gluing. Once the canvas is stretched over the frame little wedges are tapped into the corners, expanding the frame and making your canvas drum tight. canvas art of a cornfield
Because the frame is made in this traditional way it means that your canvas can be retightened easily throughout its life and will never sag.

4) All our canvases are stretched by hand.
Nothing beats hand framing. It may take a little longer than automated processes but the eye of the framer helps to ensure each canvas comes out perfectly.